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Tsa La Gi Yearbooks

NSU Yearbooks from 1912 through 1980, digitized by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and hosted on their DIgital Prairie service

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  • McBride, Justin Titus

The course ENGL 4901 Constructed Languages was a one-time, one-hour Living Literature seminar in the spring of 2020. The purpose of the seminar was to increase awareness of constructed languages, which includes those languages developed to supplement artistic endeavors (e.g., Klingon), to advance in...

Oral History videos from the Paving The Way event featuring Sallie Lorene Soldier Rogers, recalling early years where she accompanied her mother to collect buck brush runners for basket weaving. Ms. Rogers shares the process her mother took to create baskets. Duration: 17 minutes, 33 seconds

Image of Elizabeth N.J. Briscoe, with mother and father, seated in a professional made family portrait, sepia black and white photo, circa 1920's